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Matt Kaplowitz

Matt Kaplowitz: Creative Director

Matt Kaplowitz is Creative Director of Onomatopoeia and a production & post mixer & sound designer, composer/arranger, with emphasis on 5.1 surround mixing, digital cinema, and high-end sound for interactive TV.

As sound producer/music director for Broadway Television Network (BTN), he developed Broadway Surround, a sound-mixing format designed to bring the live listening experience to the 5.1 surround-sound home theater environment. Working with Texas Instruments, Boeing Technologies, Dolby Labs, he is a leader in the development of sound design for the emerging digital cinema technologies. Matt is also the co-author of How to Talk to Your Kids About School Violence.

Awards include a Grammy for producing the soundtrack version of Ghandi with Ravi Shankar, an Emmy for the PBS special To Bear Witness, a 2001 Emmy nomination for Literacy Partners featuring Diane Sawyer, the 2001 New York Int'l. Film & TV Festival silver medal for television sound design for mixing Smokey Joe's café, Peabody and Cable Ace awards for HBO's Braingames, a Cable Ace for Nickelodeon's Eureeka's Castle, and numerous Clio, Monitor, Action For Children's Television, Cindy, Chicago & Houston Film Festivals, Questar, Intercom, and NY Int'l Film & TV Festival awards for composition, sound mixing, and sound design.

Featured work includes:

ACTVE-SchoolSound design & mixing for a broad range of programming for this for this cutting edge interactive TV/Internet/video distance learning platform
BTN:Jekyll & Hyde5.1 & stereo sound design for TV & Digital Cinema
BTN:Putting It Together5.1 & stereo sound design for TV & Digital Cinema
BTN:Smokey Joe's Café5.1 amp; stereo sound design for TV & Digital Cinema
Liberty/LivewireAustin Powers IIOriginal music, sound design & Livewire mixing for the interactive version of The Spy Who Shagged Me
Liberty/LivewireMTV II/The BoxOriginal music, sound design & mixing for custom interactive programming for this service
ScholasticLiteracy PlaceTechnical development sound design & production for the largest interactive literacy project ever produced

Kate Carty

Kate Carty: Director of Marketing

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John Cavanaugh: Chief Information Officer

John Cavanaugh is Chief Information Officer of Bridge Multimedia. In his 2 years with Bridge, he has been responsible for developing/writing copy for the company's Internet site, www.bridgemultimedia.com, informational articles, corporate reports and special presentations. John is responsible for research and analysis of the latest government policies regarding the evolution of accessible technology. He has had an extensive working relationship with The American Foundation for the Blind over the past 10 years, working closely with the "Books on Tape" division as a researcher, reviewer and audio editor of quality control ensuring his understanding of the needs of people that are Blind/Visually Impaired and Deaf/Hearing Impaired.

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Ilene Goldberg: VP Special Projects

Ilene Goldberg is Vice President for Special Projects for Onomatopoeia and a Founding Partner and Director of Bridge Multimedia. She serves as part of a research team innovating universally accessible technology and content for television and electronic media in partnership with the American Foundation for the Blind. She has coordinated the creation of a fully accessible, 508-compliant CD-ROM for AFB, an accessible commercial for Kohler featuring a blind man, a New Jersey Commission for the Blind HIPA project, and the first live-from-Broadway show with audio description and closed captioning.

Ilene coordinates broadcast, corporate, and internet projects for clients from inception to completion by matching them with the best creative teams, managing budgets, and negotiating deals with vendors.

Jessica Malia

Jessica Malia: Public Relations & Marketing Intern

Jessica Malia is Onomatopoeia's public relations and marketing intern for the How to Talk to Your Kids books. She is a communications major at NYU, where her studies focus on public relations and advertising. She will graduate in May 2005.

Through NYU, Jessica served as a tutor in the New York City public schools. She has also applied her studies at various companies around New York. In the past, she has interned at Arista Records and Thomson Media.

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Jeremy Novak: Office Manager & Copy Editor

Jeremy Novak is Onomatopaeia's Copy Editor. He is responsible for editing and structuring the How to Talk to Your Kids books, as well as handling copy for various other company projects. Since receiving his B.A. in Literature from S.U.N.Y. Purchase in 1993, Jeremy has had over eight years' experience handling a wide range of copy for newspapers, institutions, and websites.

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Matt Roth: Post mixer & sound designer (freelance)

Diverse sound design experience for video games, web audio, TV/radio spot mixing & long-form programming.

Featured work includes:

Bravo:Hollywood, DCMixing of feature-length documentary
Burger KingBK Urban SpotsTV/radio, for urban market spots
CNBCProfit From ItTV/radio spots
DiscoveryStrange WorldOn-air promos
ESPNPoker Dogs TV/radio spots
GELightspeedTV/radio spots
Gilette Mach IIITV/radio spots
IFCSplit ScreenMixing of 16-part series
KonamiCastlevaniaSound design & mixing for video game
MicrosoftMissle Command IISound design & mixing for video game
NikeMethod ManTV/radio
Showtime Original Prods. Div.On-air promos, TV/radio, for variety programming

David Snitkof

David Snitkof: BridgeBuilder Project Coordinator & Web Developer

David Snitkof is the BridgeBuilder Product Coordinator for Bridge Multimedia and the creator of this website. A student at Brown University in Providence, RI, his concentration is in economics, with emphases on decision making, neuroeconomics, and the economics of the biotechnology industry. David will graduate from Brown in May of 2005.

At Brown, David has served as Vice President and Webmaster of his fraternity, Writing Editor and Forum Coordinator for The Catalyst, an interdisciplinary science magazine, and Chairman of Acquisitions for Brown University Orientation.

David has also taken his interests and skills into the business world, having been employed at Smith Barney in Manhattan, ConnectEdu in Providence, and WBRU-FM, also in Providence.

Ken Takeuchi

Ken Takeuchi: Chief Engineer

Ken Takeuchi is a sound designer, tech designer, and innovator of 5.1 surround sound techniques. He has an impressive range of sound design and sound mixing credits for spots, promos, and long-form programming. In 2001, he won a Silver Medal for sound mixing of Smokey Joe's Café for Broadway Television Network. A 1993 graduate with honors of Berklee College of Music, Ken joined Onomatopoeia in 1994. He is also an independent filmmaker and fine artist and maintains a personal website at kentakeuchi.com.

Featured work includes:

AT&T CableAT&T Cable PromosTV/radio network promos, & NCTA promo
BravoHollywood, DCMixing of feature-length documentary
BTNJekyll & Hyde T5.1 & stereo sound mixing for TV & Digital Cinema
BTNPutting It TogetherT5.1 & stereo sound mixing for TV & Digital Cinema
DisneyCable PromosSound design & mixing for network promos
ESPNGame PlanOn-air promos, TV-Radio & NCTA video promo
HBOCable PromosSound design & mixing for network promos
NEW YORK LIFEPBS Network PromoSound design and mixing
PanasonicFriends5.1 & stereo mixes for movie theaters and TV of cell phone/camera spots
SonyBilly Joel: Greatest Hits IIIMix of feature-length music special
SonyKodo at the AcropolisMix of feature-length music special
Style networkThe Brini MaxwellMixing and sound design for 13-part series
Urban Box OfficeAnimation four-pack5.1 surround mixing for TV & movie theaters

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